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A Changed Life

That year, I just got into my first grade. My father, one of the most important person in my life, passed away. A door closed, another opened. This is what God had done for me. I met Director Grace Li from Orphan Welfare Foundation in my fourth grade. This is a life changing event for me.

Grace took me to their activities and events. I met another social worker from the Foundation, Alee. She visited me, talked to me, and I was more and more open to her.

Every summer, they took me and a bunch of other kids like me to their summer camp. The camp was held in "church" which I found quite uneasy considering most people in Taiwan had our own traditional belief. Somehow, this "church thing" started growing on me and eventual became one of the children of God and a church-goer.

And then Miss Alee left the job, and another social worker, Shan, came. I was sad at first and tried not to get too close to this new person. However, this big sister didn't give up on me and kept inviting me to other events. I thought, "sure, I'll go." And all of a sudden, I couldn't stop going and enjoying in attending all their activities. I made even more friends. We shared, cried, and laughed together.

The Foundation office was like my second home. I'd go help out and cleaning whenever I had time and learned a lot. Now I'm in my junior high. Academically, I may not be brilliant, but I dare to say with confidence that I have a good character. I'm the blessed one who has this opportunity and thankful for all those people in my life, truly.

by Yi

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