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Our Services

With genuine love, sincere care and professional service, the Foundation offers orphans diversified services, including tutorial service, counselling service, character education, grant, emergent relief, orphans’ holistic care center, overseas orphan relief etc.  Moreover the Foundation holds outing, drawing competition, charity concerts, seasonal and annual feasts and activities throughout the year for orphans and their sponsors in order to enrich orphans’ lives.

We serve
with genuine love
sincere care and
professional services


drawing competitions

charity concerts

seasonal and annual feasts and activities

A quick list of the services we provide:

  1. Financial Assistance :
    Scholarship—inspiring needy orphans to exert himself/herself on learning.   Emergency relief fund—providing timely assistance emergency needs.

  2. Tutorial Service

  3. Counselling Service

  4. Character Develop Group

  5. Home Visit and Life Care

  6. Experimental Education

  7. Annual Activities – Field trip,

  8. Drawing Competition,

  9. Love Ride & Community Services,

  10. Little Stars Charity Concert

  11. Career Exploration Camp

  12. Employment Services

  13. Overseas Relieve

Our services are established on two building blocks: "Rebuilding" and "Career Training."

We help these families to rebuild and restore after the tragic event through financial means counseling. Moreover, we don't stop here, but help these children to pursue their dreams through "Dream Lighting" and "Career Exploration." 




  • Home Visit

  • Scholarship

  • Examination Counseling

Family Restoring

  • Counseling

  • Relationship Reconstruction

  • Economic Support

Career Training

Dream Lighting

  • Experimental Education

  • Talent Training

  • Self-Exploring Group

Career Exploratoin

  • Camp

  • Career Training

  • Double Track Project

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