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Help The Needy

My father committed suicide when I was still in pre-school. In order to save him, my mom tried, but died in the process as well. The more I thought about it, the more I was angry that he shouldn't have done that and took mom along with him. In another way, I was sad that, unlike others, I was just a kid without parents.

My grandma raised me up. She so loved me that I think it was a bit too much, without properly disciplining me. She is now seventy years old and has depression and other physical diseases. I'm quite worried about her because she would keep saying that she wants to simply leave this world.

My social worker from the Foundation first visited me when I got into grade school. She would bring financial aid and invite me to their events and activities.

There was a one memorable thing happened during a thanksgiving event. We went to help out elders in a community. I was taking care an elder couple. They were over seventy years old and lived in a simple house. The grandpa liked to grow some plantations even his legs were not well. He took me to his fields and told me not to make bad friends. I was a little shocked that how he'd know that I did, at that time, made some bad friends. I had some reflections when I got home. Looking at their living conditions, I realized my life hadn't been too bad. I hoped that I could help more people.

Not being a particularly good teenager, I'd often get detentions or demerits from being late to school, fighting, and violating school rules. My grandma didn't know what to do with me, and social worker took me to church.

There, I started to make friends. Whenever I was being mischievous or misbehaved, the pastors and leaders would correct me and teach me to be wise. I felt sorry that there were people who truly cared about me even with my misbehavior.

Grandma is happy to see my change. I'm about to graduate from high school and am really thankful for the Foundation. Gladly I don't feel alone, even though I might occasionally think so. I knew God has put many people in my life to help me. One day, I will give back and help others who are in need as well.

by Yin

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