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The Golden Star

The first meeting with my social worker was in my fourth grade. I was a particularly shy girl. Whenever a stranger came to our house, I'd be afraid. When the social worker had brought me a gift, my face was still tight even though my heart was flying.

2017, it was the year I first stepped into the Activity Center of the Orphan Welfare Foundation in Yilan for a special empowerment camp. And this was also where I met a really good friend and many other older sisters.

Since coming to the Foundation and the activities, I met others with the same background, losing our beloved parents. Because of this, we shared and cherished to be with each other. I had buried myself along with the memory of losing my parents. But my social worker encouraged me to take time and face it when I'm ready.

Christmas has always been a great season for me. I'd get a lot of presents from the Foundation. There is a golden star mark on the Christmas Day in my mental calendar. It is a special day and reminds me of the grace and goodness that have been brought to me. My "Little Angel" Uncle Guan, who has been financially supporting me through the Foundation, would also send me gifts. Even though I have never met him, I believe he is an out-going and lively person.

I have become more and more out-going, so unlike the me a few years back. I was told the Activity Center was a place of dreams. And, with no doubt, I concur. What I have here is abundant and of no lack. I'm not the Ru I once was anymore. Through the activities and the accompany by the social workers, I've learned "to be myself" gladly.

by Ru

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